“…we’ve come to act more like the characters in Succession than those in Ted Lasso. I would put a lot of this at the feet of Rupert Murdoch, the real-life Logan Roy, who understood that there was more money to be made in anger than in comity, who has created this,”

While I understand this sentiment and I know that this sentiment is common, I’m not sure it is right. Murdoch, like Trump, are reacting to the forces around them. True, they are powerful and corrupt in their own right, but they exist with such potency only because corruption surrounding us is opening the door for them to enter the scene.

Me thinks “Lord of the Rings” is a good series to understand today’s political environment and antagonism towards the “other.” The party who controls the presidency, controls the ring. Civility, understanding, respect,...those things don't matter anymore when so much is on the line.

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Thanks for such a thoughtful comment.

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Wonderful piece. I just finished Succession last night and Ted Lasso tonight . Please keep on writing forever.

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