First-time reader with Thoughts.

The author is "mortally appalled" by today's Republicans but apparently expects Democrats to use their sleazy tactics to fight back. Sure, let's all of us jump into the mud puddle while the world burns around us.

"The Democrats’ investigations and court cases tend to be overly litigious" - would those be the 60-plus lawsuits to overthrow the 2020 election? Or perhaps the dozens of lawsuits filed by Marc Elias, et al, to ensure voting is free and fair for all who qualify? The 4 indictments (so far) and 91+ felony charges (so far) against the former guy aren't "Democrats' investigations" - they're the Justice system's investigations in 4 different jurisdictions.

Democrats are over here trying to govern; Republicans are over there trying to get their faces on Faux 'news' and other right-wing media. I don't vote for circus clowns, I vote for legislators, and I doubt I'm the only one.

The author has issues with "identity politics" and "woke obsessions" - if marginalized communities weren't under constant attack by the Right, perhaps the Left could spend less time defending them by name and more time reminding voters that we really are the Big Tent party where all* are welcome, using direct examples of policies and laws enacted to serve the majority of Americans rather than the top .1% of wealth-owners.

Messaging is hard. You can't put a rational economic policy on a bumper sticker. You can't put a highly-nuanced and extremely complex immigration system into an "easy fix" talking point (Narrator: There is no "easy fix" to immigration)

Dems aren't denying there are big problems out there, but we're not getting the message across that crime is down in big Blue cities while it rages in Red states. That an attack on women's rights opens the doors to attacks on ALL rights. That today it's the drag queens but tomorrow it could be the Loyal Order of Moose for all we know. Today it's gay marriage, tomorrow it's interracial marriage, and next week it's back to separate water fountains. You can scoff, but we've already seen what's happening in the aftermath of Roe's reversal, and we've heard what the Hard Right has been saying about all the rest. (Ok, maybe not the Moose - I'm sure they're very nice folks.)

The world is messy. Life is messy. I'd rather be on the side of the people trying to deal with and straighten out the messes than those who concentrate on making more of them. But maybe that's just me.

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When I read this...

"So I tend to write about Biden’s age more than Trump’s sociopathy, and about the Dems’ identity and woke obsessions more than the Republicans’ fundamental corruption. “

It made me cringe in disgust. Playing the useful idiot by parroting demagogic (and, no surprise, false) idea that the "Dems’ identity and woke obsessions “ is bad enough.

NO, it’s the REPUBLICANS that have "identity and woke obsessions”. The obsession with demonizing “big cities” and college educated. Crapping, literally on anyone that does not toe the radical MAGA Cult.

Their “woke obsession” is even worse. Anything that they do no deem sufficiently MAGA worthy, is labeled as “woke”....along with the usual tropes of “communist”, “socialist” and “Marxist”.

No, Mr. Klein. YOUR obsession with writing (again, playing their MAGA useful idiot) on "Biden’s age more than Trump’s sociopathy” IS THE PROBLEM!!!!!

STOP whining about President Biden’s age and write more about his undeniable successful presidency, with more substantive achievements than is generally known (because people like you write about Biden’s age more than Trump’s sociopathy).

Write about the fact that President Biden has surround himself with extremely competent and scandal free patriots unlike the scumbag who has already vowed to install his unqualified (except to have total fealty to Dear Leader), totally unfit (just like their Mob Boss) and unpatriotic (TRUMP comes before EVERYTHING and is more their oath of loyalty is to TRUMP and NOT the Constitution) in every corner of the federal government with his dreadful power grab of “Schedule F” which should send a shudder up every freedom loving American.

Every prominent voice, like yours, should be SHOUTING every moment about Trump’s sociopathy and the Republicans’ fundamental corruption....and his plans if he is able to steal the 2024 election

I’m not “annoyed” with Joe Biden., I am grateful and thankful that he brought us back from the edge of destruction, starting to repair our democratic institutions after the raving lunatic Trump.

THAT is what almost every column should be about until Trump is defeated at the ballot box once again. This column is too little, but it’s not too late.

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I love you Joe but I didn’t hear a promise to go after the Rs for their insane budget demands, and the mainstream R support for dismantling our democracy. Read Heather Cox if you need inspiration.

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Give it a rest. You get to vote for the annoying old man who is passing legislation that improves lives or you can vote for the piece of shit GQPs who are doing nothing but protecting that orange bag of shit and stirring up hatred of our fellow citizens. Which side do you want to be on?

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So you are going to be publicly criticizing the people you want to win elections, and giving a pass to those you DON'T want in power?

How can you not see how ridiculous that is? You are HURTING the Democrats, and letting the MAGA crowd work in a pressure-free environment. People see that you are criticizing Dems, not that you are leaving MAGA alone, and so will sour on the Democrats.

For goodness sake, get a clue. This column is an admission, not an explanation.

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To borrow from Stephen Robinson over at Wonkette: it takes a lot of white male privilege to merely be “appalled” by Republicans. The rest of us are freaking terrified.

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"for those of you who think I criticize Democrats too much. I will continue to do so" God damn you. You and people like you are why the Republicans own this country.

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Couldn’t disagree more with your logic that criticism of the Republicans’ behavior is a waste of time. Ever think you are more like Alexander and Portman than you realize. Your targeting of Dems because they might listen may be hastening the fall of the democracy they are attempting to preserve. Do your part and stop rationalizing taking the easy way out.

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Here’s the thing, if you are sincere about what you say. Riding the imperfect but normal Dems harder than the scuzzy and totally abnormal Reps just helps the Reps win because it perpetuates the cynical narrative that the two sides are both equally flawed. And if you can’t really see that I wonder how genuine your concern for the future of democracy really is. What the hell are you doing to save it?

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Perhaps you should indeed pause ordinary critiques of ordinary (and inevitable) political foibles in the one still-normal political party we have left and focus a lot more on fighting the threat of nascent despotism in the party that has been taken over by the very worst of the darker angels of our nature.

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I guess if you won't really be effected by TFG's return to power, the 2024 election cycle probably does look like a big game with no real stakes. Being able to dismiss the concerns of entire demographics under the idiot right-wing boogeyman of "wokeness" is exactly what privilege is.

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Maybe you should read the polls and what they say about the swings in voter preferences among black males Latino males “working class” people, pretty much everyone who isn’t white and rich. It’s a big world you should maybe go out more.

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You have been a worthless piece of ignorant shit for 390 years, you over-educated, under-intelligent, otherwise-unemployable proof that someone can be paid well to do something completely useless. You and the rest of the braindeads of the DC Press Corpse are proof the Ivy League "isn't sending us their best."

This Democrat - who was involved in politics when you were in plastic pants and still learning to say "mommy" - who is also a veteran and was a Democrat and a progressive when I was in the military (unlike you, you service-avoiding slimeball) - hopes you fucking die of something socially unacceptable, alone in the cold and the dark. It'll be the only good thing you've ever accomplished in your otherwise-useless life. You and the rest of the DC Dumbasses, you hackworthy typist.

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Yo, Joe, did Senator Tammy Duckworth really lose both legs in service to an organization she doesn’t believe in? What utter bullshit.

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This whole column is appalling. You have only shared the tip of the iceberg with respect to the fascist-leaning, venal, corrupt gang formerly believed to be a political party known as the republicans, and their political puppet masters and financial backers among the most wealthy citizens who have ever lived in this country or the world--not to mention the corrupting foreign influences from Russia and elsewhere. What the hell is wrong with you and your so called "mainstream" media? One could easily conclude that you and your ilk are bought and paid for, too. Clearly clicks are more important to your bottom line than the truth.

If the democrats are fighting a conflagration with a fire hose, who do you think has been throwing fuel on that inferno? It's not just the republicans--it's the MSM. We all have eyes and ears. We saw Trump with Putin at Helsinki. We experienced Jan 6th. We saw the Dobbs decision come down after three of those "justices" under oath in their confirmation hearings said they believed in stare decisis. We see the ever increasing attempts to gerrymander votes of anyone who disagrees with the republicans in power right out of existence. We know that the republicans will accept anything, even the gunning down of children, to stay in power at the local, state, and national levels. Naturally, the media's response is a drumbeat of "Biden is too old," and there is no real vice president because you fear a POC woman would emasculate the country? Your column is the equivalent of hitting the republican puppy on the head with a rolled up newspaper--compared to the terror the rest of us "not real Americans" feel every time someone with your job fails to do it, thereby throwing more fuel on the burning down of our country, spreading that fire to the world.

So I have to ask you Mr. Klein: have you no decency sir? At long last, have you no decency? Or is it just moral cowardice and liking the attention?

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"They believe in our institutions [... ] even those—like the military—that they really don’t believe in."

Ok, then.

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